Elisavet Kalpaxi is an artist, researcher and lecturer specializing in Photography in Art. She is currently an associate lecturer at the University of Northampton. She has presented her work at numerous exhibitions and conferences internationally. Her Ph.D. thesis was on ‘Narcissism and Narrativity in Photographic Self-portraiture’ (Goldsmiths, University of London Department of Art, 2012).

Selected Paper-presentations & Publications

• Publication: Kalpaxi, E. (2014) ‘From the Borders to Centre Stage: Photographic Self-portraiture’, Philosophy of Photography, Volume 5, Number 1, 2014, pp. 65-76.

• Paper-presentation: ‘Photography’s Role in Western Art’s Globalising Visions’, at ‘Collecting Geographies: Global Programming and Museums of Modern Art’ conference, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 13-15/03/2014.

• Paper-presentation: ‘Photographic Self-portraiture from the Borders to Centre-stage’, at ‘Border Aesthetics’ conference, University of Tromsø, Norway, 05-07/09/2012.

• Publication: Kalpaxi, E. (2012) ‘The body and its Historical Malleability in Photographic Self-portraiture’, Rosamunde: Covering and Exposing, Issue 1, 2012, pp. 30-33.

• Paper-presentation: ‘The Self-portrait as a Mnemic Residue of Primary Narcissism’, at ‘Representing Memory’ conference, organised by the Department of American Culture & Literature, University of Istanbul, 02-03/05/2012.

• Paper-presentation: ‘The body and its Historical Malleability in Photographic Self-portraiture’, at ‘Covering and Exposing, Manipulation and Fragmentation of the Body’ conference, University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, 23/06/2011.

• Paper-presentation: ‘Self-portraiture and Narcissism’, at ‘Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society’ conference, organised by the Centre for Psychoanalysis, Middlesex University, 20/06/2009.

• Paper-presentation: ‘Self-portraiture and Narcissism: Truth or Myth?’, at ‘Truth and Lies’ conference, organised by the College of Arts and Humanities, Bangor University, 11-12/06/2009.

• Paper-presentation: ‘Photographic Self-portrait Narratives’, at ‘Art and Research – New Interfaces’ conference, organised by the Copenhagen Doctoral School in Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College and Freie Universität (Berlin), at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, 5-7/06/2008.

• Publication: Kalpaxi, E. (2003) ‘10 Παράδοξα Επεισόδια’, Φωτογράφος, Issue #117, pp. 12-15.

Selected Exhibitions:

• Brighton Photo Fringe – OPEN14, Victoria Gardens Exhibition and inclusion of work in the projection-showcase of the 18 shortlisted artists for the main solo exhibition at The Regency Town House, The Regency Town House, Brighton, 04/10-02/11/2014.

• Archisle #2, ‘Interior/Exterior’, The Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey, 18/09-18/10/2014.

• ‘Current Landscapes’ (solo show and catalogue), Agathi-Kartalos Gallery, Athens, Greece, 09-23/11/2013.

• Archisle #1, ‘Interior/Exterior’, The Berni Gallery, Jersey Arts Centre, St Helier, Jersey, 18/11-07/12/2013.

• Curatorial support and research for the ‘Timeline-Archive’ project at Chisenhale Art Place, 30th Year Anniversary, Chisenhale Studios, London, 27-29/09/2013.

• Art-residency for the development of a series of installations (‘Smoking Room Poeticomp’ 27/04/2013, ‘Poetic Lab(-yrinth)’ 23/06/2013, ‘Journey to a Poem Through’ 24/08/2013.) in association to ‘Poeticat’ Arts Council England funded residency at The Windmill, Brixton, London.

• ‘Hidden/Exposed’, curated by N. Vardi and C. J. Harris, Mile End Art Pavilion, Plan. Open. – Arbeit Gallery, London, 03-09/09/2012.

• ‘Jam 1: Gender & Language’, curated by L. Aloysius, The Sugarhouse, London, 25/04 - 05/05/2012. 2011 • ‘Covering & Exposing’, YoYo Gallery, Epsom, 23-24/06/2011.

• ‘Traveling Light’ (and Catalogue), curated by C. Williams, D. Wilson and S. Wilson, WW Gallery, London, 15-28/05/09 and 53rd Venice Biennale, 06-10/06/2009.

• ‘Feminista Mistah’, curated by L. Aloysius, AVA Gallery, University of East London, London, 19-30/11/2008.

• ‘Young Greek Photographers’ (and Catalogue), curated by S. Moresopoulos, Cultural Center ‘Melina’, Athens, Greece, 04-25/11/2008.

• ‘Invisibility’, Oxo Tower, London, 07-11/07/2005. 2004 • ‘10 Paradoxical Episodes’ (solo show), Ios Gallery, Athens, Greece, 20/09-10/10/2004.

© Elisavet Kalpaxi 2015